Make an Order

Please follow the steps below to make an order with Sari Express. Of course, if you need any assistance don't hesitate to get in touch.

Step 1 - Take a look at our Online Brochure

Take a look through our e-brochure make a note of the item product numbers and the quantity you want.

Step 2 - Send us Your Order

You can send your order by emailing or calling us. Take a look at our contact page for further information.

When we have recieved your order we will send confirmation of reciept and payment details.

Step 3 - Payment

Payment is simple, you may pay by BACS or cheque. First orders require a minimum spend of £100 payable on a pro-forma invoice basis.

Re-orders have no minimum requirements.
All prices are wholesale, no VAT.
Currently Sari Express is VAT exempt.